• DETAIL: Chanel Fall 2012

    DETAIL: Chanel Fall 2012

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  • DETAIL: Dolce and Gabbana Spring 2012

    DETAIL: Dolce and Gabbana Spring 2012

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  • Body Language: How You Hold Your Bag Says A Lot About You

    by Lynn Yaeger

    Photo: Monica Feudi/feudiguaineri.com (Prada); Gianni Pucci/GoRunway.com (Vuitton); Monica Feudi/feudiguaineri.com (Céline)

    “They’re holding those bags like they’re holding a puppy!” exclaims body-language expert Lillian Glass, Ph.D., when she’s confronted with a series of runway images from the Prada fall 2011 catwalk show, in which the models are snuggling up to their purses, clutching them like something soft and warm you’d like to nestle near your bosom.

    The Prada show wasn’t the only runway extravaganza that featured models brandishing handbags in new and striking ways, which is what prompted us to seek out Glass—a communications pro and media personality (she’s been on Oprah! Nancy Grace!) who has authored more than fourteen books on the subject—and ask her to reveal the subtext, the subliminal messages that may be lurking behind this phenomenon. Glass, who herself currently covets a giant Donna Karan satchel she encountered recently and who admits to a weakness for soft Italian leathers, warmed to the task.

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  • Strap Happy: Christian Louboutin’s Interchangeable Handle Bags

    by Candy Pratts Price

    Photo: Courtesy of Christian Louboutin

    I love a purse with charm, and by that I mean one that can transform a look in an instant. Christian Louboutin’s new handbags can change your personality with the switch of a strap! Feathered or spiked, the interchangeable pieces work just as well as glamorous rock-’n’-roll chokers. “These bags give a language to the upper body; they allow a woman to play with her shoulders,” says Louboutin. “Her attitude will shift with each style, just like it does when she changes pumps.” Mood-altering and chic indeed—and just like those iconic red-soled heels, designs like these stand out.”

    Christian Louboutin Artemis clochettes bag, $1,795, and Artemis spikes metalized python bag, $1,995; both available August 2011, christianlouboutin.com

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